The Weekend Warrior

Personal Life and Intersts

I love the outdoors! My favorite activites are hiking, playing tennis and golfing!

I recently enjoyed a camping trip down the Current River in the Ozarks on a canoe with my husband and a couple of backpacking adventures through the Porcupine mountains and the Manistee River in Michigan.

Next on the trekking agenda is a local weekend hike with some new friends!

The Big Move

I recently moved from Iowa to Indiana and am enjoying being back where I belong around my friends and family.
Iowa was great and beautiful in its own midwestern cornfield way. My heart though… it belongs to Indiana and the Boilers!

My Family

I have two teenage boys and a husband of 20 years who keep me busy with enough laundry and dishes to last a life time. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though! 

My boys are active in school, sports, church and social activities. My husband and I love traversing the state watching them compete, hosting their friends at our house, and experiencing new places with them. 
Soon they’ll be gone and off on their own adventures. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing ours with them!